Brief introduction of business activities of Aero Express B.V.


Aero Express B.V. is a logistics company, also known as a freight forwarder, operating in the Netherlands and specializing in international trade-related logistics services, especially customs clearance. We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the needs of our clients:

Trucking Services:

We provide extensive trucking services to ensure the smooth transportation of goods. This includes transporting goods from airports ground handlers or other procurement locations to our warehouses, handling customs clearance, and securely shipping goods to either intermediate transit warehouses or final destinations. We also offer Milk Run pickup services to optimize logistics efficiency.

Customs Brokerage:

Our experienced customs brokerage team handles customs declarations for cross-border trade commodities and provide Customs related services. We coordinate customs inspections, liaise with customs authorities, and manage all relevant details to ensure compliance and smooth import/export processes for our clients.

Warehousing Services:

Our modern warehouses (TAPA certified) offer safe, reliable, and compliant storage environments. Clients’ goods are stored in accordance with legal regulations and their specific requirements. We provide flexible warehousing solutions to accommodate various types and scales of goods.

Warehouse Handling Services:

Our warehouse handling services encompass activities such as goods receiving, internal sorting, palletizing, and outbound order processing. We ensure proper handling of goods within our warehouses to meet the compliance requirements and our client specifications and maintain the integrity of goods during transportation.

Our team is dedicated to delivering efficient, reliable, and high-quality logistics services to assist clients in achieving success in international trade. Whether it’s transportation, customs clearance, or warehousing management, we prioritize client needs and offer customized solutions.